Google AdWords Exploration

Fri, Apr 9, 2010


user34_pic122_1234856288 Admittedly, I’m quite late to the game but the time has come for more than one of my ventures to start playing around with Google AdWords. Fortunately, it is quite simple to set up an account and start playing around.

While there are several great resources for getting up to speed, I particularly enjoyed the explanation given in the AutomateMySmallBusiness podcast, episode 20.

An AdWords account is free and you simply link it up with your existing Google account. Since this is a cost-per-click model, you obviously need to set a budget for your campaign. If you want to dabble a bit, see what works and what doesn’t, you can scour the ‘net for coupon codes/vouchers for a no-risk way to get familiar with the platform.

There are a few places you can get free codes, usually with little effort. One such place can be found here that is currently offering ~$50 vouchers. As I continue my adventure with Google AdWords, I will be sure to document the things I learn along the way.

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