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Sat, Jan 15, 2011


Within a somewhat small but growing circle lives perhaps one of the better kept secrets of the tech world. While Motorola’s Xoom tablet and HP’s recently announced TouchPad are grabbing headlines left and right, Notion Ink’s Adam soldiers on and the little company does what it can to fulfill the 2nd round of pre-orders.


For those of you still wondering about the device, we’ve provided more specs from various sources below.

Arguably, battery life is one of the more important specs to have your eye on in the tablet space. You want a slim, light device that doesn’t need to be charged as frequently as a laptop. In an interview with Notion Ink’s Rohan Shravan, battery life was indicated to be 12-14 hours for the regular LCD model with an added 1- 1.5hrs for the Pixel Qi version.

The next question then, would be that of performance. The tablet runs on a dual core Tegra 250 platform that actually integrates 8 independent processors and two A9 cores into its system-on-a-chip. 1GB of ram surpasses much of what is available from Adam’s competitors (like the 256MB found in the iPad). These specs position the tablet very well against even the upcoming tablets such as the HP Touch Pad yet amazingly keeps the price of some models much lower (we’re talking less than half) of say the iPad or Xoom.

As with the majority of tablets we saw at CES this year, Notion Ink chose to go with Android. No vanilla action here though, but rather, a heavily modified version of Android 2.2 (Froyo). They have no plans to go to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) as that is still an OS targeted at mobile phones. Instead, they are waiting in anticipation (as is the rest of the world) for 3.0 which will supposedly greatly enhance the “leaf” views they have laid upon the Android OS. (Check the video roll for a visual take on their handiwork). ”Heavily modified” might be a reason for concern; however, Rohan claims “There will be constant updates on the OS”


The real attractors to this tablet are in the details. Of course the usual suspects are here: 802.11 b/g/n, Blutooth, 3G along with a nice list of expandability options like the 2 USB ports, mini USB, micro SD and HDMI. The sensor array is equally complete with an ambient light sensor, 3-Axis accelerometer, compass and full blown GPRS (not A-GPS).

SwivelCameraThere are a few features that simply stand out from the rest. How about the 3.2MP swivel camera that has 185 degrees of motion allowing it to be used forward facing – even if the device is lying down on a flat surface, or rearward facing regardless of the tablet’s orientation. The real differentiator here is the optional Pixel Qi (pronounced “chee”) transflective display that automatically chooses the appropriate mode for viewing indoors – or in direct sunlight. There are also several colour options available. The default Adam comes in black with a white strip however new strip colours were supposed to start shipping in January. A few months back on the Notion Ink blog, a poll was started to see what colours would be most popular. Some of the possibilities can be seen here.

All in all, the Adam is quite the device as we’ve summarized here. Its unique form factor (making it feel light and balanced in your hand), 1080p video output and flash support – - along with everything else already mentioned – make it worth a look if you’re in the market.

For even more information, visit www.notionink.com.

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