Cyber attack on Canada

Fri, Feb 18, 2011

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Few details are known thanks to the Canadian Government’s desire to keep this event quiet, but it appears Canadians have been the latest victim of cyber crime.

Hundreds of servers were shut down after the leak was detected in January and only recently have they allowed them to come back online. Yesterday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed that an attempt was made on government information by foreign agents. No confirmation were offered regarding where the attacks originated or what may have been stolen.

Sources claim that it was Canada’s Finance Department and Treasury Board’s servers that were compromised. The government is still unsure if the intrusions reached servers containing tax and health records.

The CBC has revealed that its sources claim the attacks originated in China. This would come as little surprise given the attacks Chinese hackers have launched on US and Indian government servers. It is thought that this most recent attack could in fact be a part of China’s operation GhostNet which has now infiltrated over 100 countries.

It is still unclear how best to deal with intrusions like these. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the lesser-known Communications Security Establishment have responded to the best of their ability, however, the ramifications of this and past attacks are yet to be seen.

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