Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” Update

Tue, Mar 22, 2011

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While some are reporting the long-awaited update is available to all, others are saying they are still waiting patiently. After reading many reports, I decided to see if my Samsung Focus would be one of the lucky recipients. Unfortunately, still as of 9PM EST on the 22nd, no update is to be found. The Zune software claims 7008 is the current version. I will update this post with further thoughts once the update arrives!

So how exactly will Windows Phone 7 benefit from this update? The official Microsoft Change Log lists a number of things, including:

  1. Copy & Paste
  2. Faster launching of apps & games
  3. Better marketplace search
  4. Improved Wi-Fi
  5. Improved Outlook experience
  6. Improved Facebook syncing
  7. Improved camera stability

There are a few other details included in the update, some being device-specific but I obviously won’t be able to comment on them until it is installed. Stay tuned!

Update #1: 3/25 – I feel I should number these updates as there’s likely to be several. Here we are, days after the official release and many people are still waiting for their update. In fact, after some digging, it appears that my update is in the “scheduling” process (thankfully, 2 of 3). Microsoft has put up a page that outlines (vaguely) what phase your update is in. That’s right, they’re rolling the update out in waves. The only people who have received the update thus far are those who bought an unlocked phone not tied to any carrier. So you know, not most people. I can’t help but feel a little better that at least on Rogers, we’re in the 2nd last phase. Scheduling doesn’t sound like it should take too long… does it? If you look at AT&T’s schedule though, apparently they’re still in the testing phases over there. No fun for their customers in the least. Or any of us. Just give a date!


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