Windows 8 Consumer Preview–Part 1

Thu, Mar 1, 2012

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Is it worth your time?

This may be the question on many minds since yesterday’s public release of the “Consumer Preview” bits. It was on mine. I took a look at the Developer Preview the day it went live – excited to see what “Windows, reimagined and reinvented” would be like. I think I promised updates to the article that followed but they never came. Why? I guess in all honesty it would be most fair to blame my hardware. Microsoft implied that if your system ran Windows 7, it would run Windows 8 even better! And that may be true, but the dated spare box I tried to use was a flop. Apparently my dusty old Radeon 9800Pro just wasn’t up to the challenge of those 2D tiles. I did give it another go in a virtual machine on my main desktop but as one would imagine, VMs just don’t feel the same.

I almost didn’t write this article. I really wasn’t planning on it. Don’t get me wrong, despite the negative-ish intro, I’m still pretty excited for Windows 8… as a tablet OS. I can’t wait to see what Fall – Winter 2012/2013 bring in terms of hardware to replace my long-in-the-tooth HP TC1100 Tablet PC that just keeps chugging (currently with Windows 7). But on the desktop side? My experience hadn’t been great. So now 5 or so months have passed and the consumer preview has dropped. I downloaded it of course, but I wasn’t planning to install it. Not yet anyway.

I took mental inventory of the hardware at my disposal: 1) a home theatre PC, but that sees daily use and there’s no upgrade on that front 2) the aforementioned tablet pc which still gets a ton of use. This is the closest I have to ‘touch’ enabled hardware presumably capable of running Windows 8, but this isn’t going to be my first choice given the hardware issues I had with older hardware and the Developer Preview. 3) Actually that wasn’t entirely true, the HP Touchpad is being tested (in HP’s labs) to run the OS but I think mine will survive with WebOS for the foreseeable future 4) the fiancé’s dual-core Tegra 2 based netbook… hrmm… if the marriage is to go as planned, I probably shouldn’t mess with that. Good thing for me / her, it doesn’t meet the minimum resolution requirements  5) my new desktop. I just built it. Just got most of my software up and running and a few projects on the go. Previous VM experience in mind, it would have to be a clean install or nothing. I chose nothing. 6) a few work laptops – yeah, that’s not going to happen.

What did happen was rather unfortunate. My 120GB OCZ Vertex II SSD that migrated from my last build gave up the ghost this week. Systems down! This presented an interesting opportunity. I’m forced to clear off my storage drive and use it until the SSD is replaced… so here’s a chance to start fresh: clean drive, new hardware, and a shiny new OS.

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One Response to “Windows 8 Consumer Preview–Part 1”

  1. Tyler says:

    So my SSD will likely show up this coming week. I have to decide whether I throw the Windows 8 Consumer Preview back on or if I revert to Windows 7 until the Release Candidate drops.

    I’m torn.

    I really want to get familiar with Windows 8 but as it stands, I can’t help but feel… limited by the OS (on a desktop). It’s a tough call – one I’m not yet ready to make.

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